On Vietnam's use of the banner of revolution to take possession of territories

From 1946 to 1954, under the cover of "revolutionary solidarity" against French colonialism, the Vietnamese sought for taking possession of Kampuchea's territory. Under the banner of revolution, the Vietnamese came into Kampuchea and settled up cells of the Indochinese Communist Party in order to grasp Kampuchea's people. They organized a party, an army and a State power. They used this expedient in order to try to take possession of Kampuchea. . . .

At that time, the Khmers who waged the struggle in Kampuchea had not an independent position. They were totally relying on the Vietnamese. They did not well understand for whom and for what they were making revolution. That is why the Vietnamese could easily enter into Kampuchea. They divided Kampuchea into zones: Easy zone, Southwest zone and Northwest zone. They could install there whoever they wanted to. They did everything at their place and acted at their will.

Kampuchea's people, being victims of the acts of aggression and annexation of the Vietnamese and having successively lost an important part of their Kampuchea Krom's territory, foster a deep national hatred against the Vietnamese aggressors, annexationists and swallowers of Kampuchea's territory. The Kampuchea's people are perfectly aware of the Vietnamese treacherous acts, subterfuges and hypocrisy. They have always seethed with a deep rancour.

Black Paper: Facts & Evidences of the Acts of Aggression and Annexation of Vietnam Against Kampuchea. Phnom Penh: Department of Press and Information of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Democratic Kampuchea, September 1978.