Pol Pot on victory over U.S. Imperialism

We have won a total, definitive and clear victory, meaning that we have won it without any foreign connection or involvement.

We dared to wage a struggle on a stand completely different from that of world revolution. The world revolution carried out the struggle with all kinds of massive support, material, economic and financial, from outside world forces. As for us, we have waged our revolutionary struggle basically on the principles of independence, sovereignty and self-reliance. . . . In the entire world, ever since the advent of revolutionary war and the birth of U.S. imperialism, no country, no people and no army has been able to drive the imperialists out to the last man and score total victory over them in the way we have.

Quoted in: Kiernan, Ben, and Boua, Chanthou, Peasants and Politics in Kampuchea, 1942-79. London: Zed Press, in press.