Material From Democratic Kampuchea, Khmer Rouge leaders, etc.

The First Session in the First Legislature of Kampuchean People's Representative Assembly

Auto-biography of Thiounn Prasit

The Constitution of Democratic Kampuchea

Minute of Standing Committee

Letter of Honorary Red Flag

Khmer Rouge Security File

Statement of the Communist Party of Kampuchea [CPK] to the Communist Workers' Party of Denmark

Leader Hou Youn on the commercial system

Leader Khieu Samphan on International Integration

Pol Pot on victory over U.S. Imperialism

Vietnam's use of the banner of revolution to take possession of territories

Excerpts from the Black Paper

National Anthem of Democratic Kampuchea

Diary of the Khmer Rouge Foreign Ministry, 1976-79

Manifesto of the Periodical Revolutionary Young Men and Women

Map of Democratic Kampuchea

Other Material on Democratic Kampuchea

Straight Talk on the Trial of Pol Pot

US bombing of Kampuchea

Chomsky on Cambodia

Chomsky on Cambodia under Pol Pot, etc.

The Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese Communists

Propaganda about Pol Pot


Gallery I

Books and book reviews

After the Cataclysm, Postwar Indochina and the Reconstruction of Imperial Ideology