IENG SARY?S REGIME: A Diary of the Khmer Rouge Foreign Ministry, 1976-79 Translated by Phat Kosal and Ben Kiernan with Sorya Sim Yale Center for International and Area Studies New Haven, Connecticut September 1998 CONTENTS Note on the document Ieng Sary and the Khmer Rouge Hierarchy by Ben Kiernan TRANSLATION [B-1: The DK Ministry of Foreign Affairs] The Party Statutes The Statutes of the Kampuchean Communist Youth [League] (21 May 1976) The Cell Congress (22 May 1976) The B-1 Ministry Congress (10 July 1976) Document 1: The current political tasks of Democratic Kampuchea Document 2: Angkar?s political line in Foreign Affairs Document 3: Angkar?s view of the masses and the mass line Document 4: View of the contemporary world situation and Southeast Asia Document 5: View of the contemporary situation in Cambodia 14-7-1976: OBJECTIVES TO DIRECT THE WORK OF THE MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS FROM JULY 1976 TO JULY 1977 THE MINUTES OF THE SUB-CELL MEETING DOCUMENTS ON CONSCIOUSNESS (30-11-1976) [Document 1] Document 2: About Class Contradictions Document 3: About the Authority and Proletarian Class Dedication of the Party Document 4: About Class Struggle .